Either This Is A Reseller or The Worst Case of Math Deficiency in Human History

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i need to sale my trantulas cause i have no money to feed them anymore, i have a colbalt blu for 50 tank and everthing with it,i have apink toe for 40 or 30 with everything ,i have a pavialion salmon 60 with tank and everything in it or will trade one of my trantulas for a savanaha monitor ,only seroius people call 770-[redacted] thank u

Tarantulas eat crickets. If they’re really big, they might eat pinky mice. Waxworms and roaches may also be offered. Large crickets cost about ten cents. The most expensive of those menu items, a pinky mouse, is under $2 in most stores. Most smaller tarantulas eat one or two crickets each week.

I’ve been broke. I can almost sympathize with not having enough money even to feed a tarantula. Until that sentence about trading for a Savannah Monitor, that is.

Hatchling Savannah Monitors eat crickets like it’s going out of style–far more than one or two each week. As they grow, they start eating mice, as well as hard boiled eggs, dog food and cooked lean meat. Plus, these enormous lizards need cages that cost hundreds of dollars, specialized heat and lighting equipment, and an owner with enough cojones to interact with a four-foot lizard regularly and avoid getting a nasty bite, which, if it happens, is likely to get infected and cause one hell of a doctor’s bill.

Craigslist entrepreneur in the making, looking to “trade up” until he gets a house or a car? Reseller, making a living taking in unwanted pets and shopping them around on CL? Or just a complete moron? You decide.

Pictures after the jump, out of kindness for arachnophobic readers.

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