Look At My Dog’s Privates, Give Me a Puppy

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i am looking for a free min pin i have one female like to have another not spaded ill do that buti love the breed an my lil girl needs a play mate so if you have one let me know she wil have everthing a lil girl could want biy like to get one her age 6 to a year old 304-[redacted]now if you have a boy i would but i like the girls we get along great an no i dont want to breed i have a female i just want her a playmate had an email said to go to the shelter well by the time i did that i would of bought one with papers an a pup i had some tell me that the pom i got was fixed an wasnt had to have her put to sleep after a rot got her so this way i know for sure when i do it thanks for reading sometimes you just dont know the whole story here is a pic of my females privates see no puppys

And, um, the image… I’m sorry, readers, all three of you.

First: Thank goodness most people who manage to kill their previous pets are also dumb enough to say so in the post looking for a next (free) victim. That at least saves people legitimately rehoming animals the trouble of contacting them. For the record, it’s entirely possible to tell if a female animal is really spayed (not spaded) or not. Take them to a vet. See? Easy-peasy. Then again, since the owner won’t consider actually paying to adopt a dog, s/he probably diagnosed her Pomeranian with an old Farmer’s Almanac and put it to sleep with a .22.

Now, as to that incredibly disturbing image… Who does this?! Nobody wants to see your dog’s vulva except a veterinarian being paid well for the privilege. Even then, they’d get tired of it if you just kept bringing the dog in and asking them to look at her privates.

I have this really uncomfortable feeling that there’s a good reason this poster wants two small female dogs, and it has a lot more to do with the time s/he spends looking at their genitals than with “getting along great.”

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