Macaw Egg Omelettes Await You, Complete with Poo

Set aside for a moment the obvious problems with this ad, like that (no matter how fertile they may be) a pair of Scarlet Macaws is unlikely to produce fertile eggs for just anyone, or that a breeding pair isn’t likely to stay tame once the female starts feeling broody… that’s just your garden variety Craiglist BYB idiocy.

Allow me to call your attention to the broken eggs in the “frig.” First of all, he’s advertising that they’re broken, why? But more importantly, he’s keeping the broken ones in the fridge? What, is he saving them for Easter or something? Planning to have them scrambled for breakfast?

Ad Text:

SCARLETS READY TO BREED very tame talking HAVE LAID EGGS BEFORE. ready to lay and have BIG CAGE ASK FOR MARK 954-[redacted]

3 BROKEN EGGS IN FRIG RIGHT NOW. who ever is flaging thanks helps keep me up on top of page .keeps me from having to wait 2 days to do that AND GETTING LOST WITH OTHERS. good idea. will not get lost ANYMORE in the pages 2 times a day should do it MORNING AND EVES PLEASE.

Oh, and about this new “I love it when you flag me” thing for CL breeder scumbags? Don’t buy it. Enough flagged ads and their account will be flaggable by just one or two people, meaning they’ll be off the top faster than you can say, “Read the terms of use.”

Now, let’s take a look at these birds. They must be getting the best of care since they’re breeding happily, right? Um…

Poor birds… why the hell would you even take pictures if you’re keeping your animals for sale in such filth? They don’t even have a nesting box to lay that egg in? These are animals that are smarter than most toddlers. And they are being kept in a rusted, filthy cage with nothing but an old dog toy to keep them company.

I’m just going to hope that their real accommodations are luxurious and these photos are just a clever ploy to get someone to buy the birds out of pity.

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