Priorities in order….

Ad Text:

We have a 3 year old black Basset Hound with papers. She has been spayed. We got her but she doesn’t get along with our 2 puppies and our other basset/beagle mix that we already had/have. Need to get rid of her. She needs a good home. Come get her for a small rehoming fee of $100 so we can recoup some of our losses.

I’m not going to mock this one too hard, because at least they’re rehoming the new dog rather than this ad being another of those infuriating posts saying, “Rehoming my 12-year-old Great Dane with hip dysplasia and deafness; got a new puppy and he doesn’t like it.” Good on them for placing the new dog, but…

“Recoup some of our losses?” A dog is a pet, not a business investment. Your “losses” appear to be compassion, common sense and enough commitment to bother with a training class or a few sessions with an animal behaviorist to see if the problems between the four dogs can be solved. $100 won’t even begin to replace those losses.

What do you want to bet they got this poor dog on Craigslist and promised the original owner they’d give her a lifelong home? Or perhaps they adopted her from a shelter and they’re ignoring that pesky adoption contract that says you have to bring the dog back if you can’t keep it. Because reading things before you sign them and then abiding by them is for losers who can’t get $100 for their dogs on Craigslist.

Poor Basset:

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