Nursing dog’s Wendy’s craving leads to lost and found posts?

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We have lost our mother dog. We call her SADIE. She is BLACK and LIGHT BROWN/TAN. Her face looks kind of like an owl becasue of the markings. She a fairly small dog, doesnt come up past your knees. She is friendly but might be very shy. She just had puppies so her teats should be huge! We have the puppies safe and sound. They miss their momma though. She disappeared yesterday, mid-afternoon.
If you see her please call. ‘

Photos coming soon


“What did you do after your shy dog had puppies?”

“Oh, I immediately let her outside unsupervised….”

Okay, this is dumb and a little heartbreaking. Breeding a litter is a dubious choice at best, especially with a dog of unknown parentage and marginal temperament, but failing to confine and supervise her is inexcusable. But wait! A little further down the Kansas City craigslist page, there’s hope:

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Saw a Female German Sheperd mix running down the road across from the ANTIOCH MALL on the SEARS UNDERGROUND PARKING side. Her teats was completely full of milk and she was going towards WENDY’S.

Either there’s an epidemic of wandering, nursing GSD mixes in Kansas City, or the first poster’s dog had one hell of a Wendy’s craving after giving birth. Here’s hoping the mama dog’s owner read a little further down the page and noticed that she seems to be touring the mall unaccompanied…

2 Responses to “Nursing dog’s Wendy’s craving leads to lost and found posts?”

  1. 1 tcbml
    May 12, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    Haha, gotta love craigslist! Love your site.

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