The road to WTF is paved with good intentions.

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Hey guys!
My boyfriend and I recently took in a pregnant stray who had 7 beautiful kittens about 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately our landlord has discovered we have them and we have to get rid of them immediately. While I have got them eating some kitten chow/wet food, they do still rely on Mom a lot and would probably need some bottle feeding as well. If you are interested or if anyone knows of a no kill shelter we could bring them to please contact me immediately at the address above or call 203.[redacted] There is also a 4 month old kitten that needs to go as well Im asking 20 dollars for her just because she is one I have raised since she was tiny and she will be missed.
Thank everyone!!
-Anthony and Kaity

PS. this picture was taken about 2 weeks ago they are a lot bigger!!

Trying to save a stray and her litter: Good. Doing so when your landlord doesn’t allow pets and you can’t guarantee their safety long enough to be weaned: Not so good. And what exactly has happened to the mama that only the kittens are being offered for adoption? Are they planning to put her back outside? Or adopt her with one kitten and artificially orphan the rest?

Then it goes from “sad situation but at least they tried” to WTF with the picture…

You couldn’t put a shirt on for the picture? And what’s that to his right? A pile of dead mice for the kittens, or just some lint?

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