Wants to trade unspayed for unneutered for unspecified reasons; God blesses this endeavor

Ad Text:

I have a white and dotted female cocker that is one year and half old that is not spayed. I would like to trade Her for a male of the same age any color that is not neutered.
My Female is good around kids, cats, and other dogs. She is potty trained and crate trained. She loves to get in your lap and be held. She is also up to date on all her shots. Upon taking possession of the dog you will recieve her shot records. Please call at 936-[redacted] or email me at [redacted]@gmail.com
Thanks and God Bless

“White and dotted?” I’m surprised that the owner isn’t trying to command a $600+ “adoption fee” because her Spaniel is this rare, undiscovered color. Not to mention the funky pronoun capitalization going on, here. This Cocker Spaniel appears to be a Goddess. Quick, someone snap her up.

But wait–she’s not for sale or adoption, but for trade in exchange for a male, which must be unneutered. THAT SOUNDS TOTALLY ABOVE-BOARD AND NOT AT ALL LIKE A BYB WITH TOO MANY FEMALES, AMIRITE?

Wait, hang on, I almost missed the “God bless” part. It’s okay, folks, the owner is a Christian–that means no matter how shady and gross this ad seems, or how uncomfortable you are with the idea of trading your beloved pet in for a different model, she must be okay. Yeah?

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