I’m not saying you’re lying, I’m just implying that you’re an idiot.

Ad Text:

**update: we are looking for a female that is at least 8 months or older and is not fixed. We would like to have at least one litter of pups before getting both dogs fixed.

My husband and I are looking to adopt a female American bulldog. We have one already and would like to make that special girl an addition to our family. Ours is just over a 1yr old and from the Johnson line of American Bulldogs and hoping find another from just the same.

We would like her to be utd on shots, housebroken, crate trained, good with other dogs her size, and great with kids and/or new people (we have a lot of family/friends get togethers). We can not take a dog that requires special needs (regular medications, surgery, etc)…I wish we could but we know our limits.

We are willing to pay a re-homing fee (within reason). Please send pics & details: age, utd shots (must have paperwork to prove), pics, rehoming fee cost, location.

This is a picture of our baby that would LOVE to have a friend be a part of our family!

Where to start? First of all, “just one litter” before fixing both dogs? Then each of those babies–let’s conservatively say six–can have “just one litter,” and if each of those has six, now you’ve brought 42 dogs into the world. The next generation makes it 258. Plus, if they manage to sell (probably sneakily through Craigslist) each of the first litter for a few hundred bucks, does anyone really believe these people will alter their dogs instead of trying to make more money?

Then there’s that special needs part–it’s not that they can’t take an unhealthy dog because they plan to breed and don’t want to perpetuate poor genes (that excuse would require some thinking)–it’s because they “know our limits.”

Clue Alert: Being pregnant IS a special need. Don’t want a dog that needs surgery? Don’t breed dogs. The need for an emergency Cesarean section is a common complication of pregnancy; some breeds (notably, most bulldogs, though the American Bulldog tends to be a little healthier) need C-sections for every litter. Don’t want a dog that needs medications? Don’t breed dogs. Often pregnancy can cause health complications that do require medication.  A difficult pregnancy and labor (if your bitch survives it) could leave her with lifelong health problems requiring, yes, medication.

I have $5 on this family posting an ad in 6 months or so saying, “Puppies for rehoming, fee is $600 to help pay for mother’s vet bills, mother needs rehoming too because we can’t afford to take care of her anymore, needs medication…”

Oh, and there’s one more thing. This is a Johnson’s American Bulldog:

Who’s up for a game of “spot the differences between these two pictures?”

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