This Poster Knows How To Work The System

Ad Text:
” Looking for a flull blooded Yorkshire Terrier male that is unfixed. I have a full blooded Yorkshire Terrier female and I need to get her “acquainted” with a male. Im not doing this for money but just to get one of her babies for myself. I will pay a “re-homing” fee of $200 but can get negotiated for more depending on your fella (AKC,pick-of-the-litter). I need a boy that is no more than 4.5-5 lbs since she is a toy and smaller. Email me back at this post or call (334) (redacted) to set up, Will be good for a week..Pictures are attached of my beautiful girl.”

As we can tell from this post, the writer knows their way around a CL ad. They’re using “covert breeder lingo” to locate other back yard Yorkie breeders that might be interested in lending out their tiny males – for a fee. But we’ll keep all those anti-breeding-love-to-flag-your-ads mobs (oh, because they aren’t allowed on Craigslist?) in the dark by calling it a “re-homing” fee. They’ll never notice. They don’t understand my secret code. You can have your Yorkie back in a week once the deed is done and I will soon have a preeeeeecuuusss beeeebeee.

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