We neglect our other pets, may we have yours?

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We thought we were set up to meet the perfect dog for us and then someone else was luckier and got to take him home. We are looking for a yorkie or hypoallergenic small dog. Needs to be housetrained please. We have been searching every website, every humane society, and asked every friend we know and NO LUCK!!
Does anyone know of someone who has a yorkie they need to rehome? We cannot afford a breeders fee but we are willing to pay rehoming for sure.

Please only email us if we can actually come meet your dog and we aren’t going to be competing against anyone before we even get a chance to meet your doggie and you. I have tried to email so many little dog CL ads but so many people respond that the dog is long gone by the time we send our email or they have a line of people ready to show up at their door to meet the dog already. Just trying to save a few heart breaks here, It’s just too rough on the kids at this point. We have been diligently looking for quite a while. (And I thought this would be a sinch)

We have older kids, ready to own their first indoor dog and can hardly wait. We don’t have any other indoor animals.

Thanks and hope this brings some responses!

I think I can guess why nobody has given this family a Yorkshire Terrier yet. Key phrases: “Ready to own their first indoor dog,” and, “We don’t have any other indoor animals.” Plus, they want only a hypoallergenic small dog.

In other words, someone in the family is allergic, so they’ve got another dog or other dogs who are forced to stay outside, away from their human family, in an area (Northern Colorado) with temperatures that reach the triple digits in the summer and can dip well into the double digit negatives during the winter. Also, they’ve got small children who don’t have any experience safely handling a small dog.

Here’s an idea: Learn to take proper care of the pets you have before looking for more. If your kids want an indoor dog, take a Claritin and bring the ones you have inside.

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