Mount for mount?

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Hi all it’s Dana, The lady with the biting Miniature horse. I got a lot of great advise, thanks and hugs to you all !!!

I’m looking for my very first riding mount and would like to either trade my mini OR my World of Warcraft Account for it. I am a housewife artisit and my husband is self employed doing skid steer and hauling work, so disposable cash is very limited. Need to trade/barter, work it off or make payments, if possible.

I’m a larger lady 270 pds( and loosing..yay me! lol) so I need a draft/or draft cross or size appropriate horse. ALSO must be super beginenrs horse as I’ve only been on a trail horse 4x in my life. I’ll be taking lessons ASAP.

The mini as we know..bites..UGH. She’a adorable tho..2 y/o tri-colored paint. White with Black and deep chocolate. White mane and black white cream and brown tail. Would only reccomend a knowledgeable horse home with previous mini experience. I don’t want anyone else to have to be in my position. She’s super smart and need to have a job. Maybe cart driving? If I can’t trade her for a riding mount I’ll get a trainer as soon as I can afford one.

Wow account has :
2 lvl 80’s (horde) a warlock and a mage both have gs addon scores over 5k, a lvl 72 Shadow/holy duel spe’d Priest (alliance) and various lower level alts
ALL the BOA gear, yes you read that right ALL of it, including shoulders chests, weapons, and trinkets.
Collectors Edition of WOTLK with the mousepad, game cards,cd, dvd, coffee table book and special collectors pet.
the authenticator and pet, and Much more!!!!! (willing to sell instead of trade for $600 so I can buy a horse)

Well thats all for now, Hoping and praying for my first riding mount,


Nothing more to say, really. Seems like  a fairly nice woman, though she should be getting riding lessons long before looking for a riding horse.


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