Our dog hates anyone outside our family, so we’d like to give him to someone outside our family.

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We have a 3 year old beagle to give away to a good home. Here is the deal he is the best dog ever to my family but he does not like anyone else. He needs someone to take the time to reform him. We moved to the city in the middle of a neighborhood with alot of kids and are afraid he will hurt someone. He does bite. Can you help him. Email me at [redacted] if you want him or have any ideas.

Yeah, I have a few ideas for you. I’ll break them down into easy-peasy bullet points:

  • If you have a dog that bites strangers, don’t move to a crowded neighborhood with a lot of kids.
  • When you have a dog that shows signs of bonding only with your family and aggressing toward outsiders, don’t plug your ears and go “La la la!” for three years. Do something about it.
  • If you raise a dog that bites and it becomes a problem, don’t pawn off your problem on some hapless stranger by guilting them with threats to put him to sleep. Hire a behaviorist and deal with it.
  • Don’t labor under the misguided impression that free biting dogs get good homes on Craigslist. At best, he’ll go to someone who thinks they’re a dog training expert and end up getting put to sleep anyway.

Personal responsibility is a rarer breed these days than any of those “designer” dogs.

1 Response to “Our dog hates anyone outside our family, so we’d like to give him to someone outside our family.”

  1. 1 Kahla
    January 15, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    I wonder if any of these people are aware just how stupid they really are.
    I am always finding examples of stupid people. When I was younger, I had a neighbor who owned a Lab mix, she was always yelling at it and locking it outside. She said she hated the dog and it was a curse to own and she could not wait till it died or ran away. Well, it did eventually run away. And you know what she did? Two days later she bought a puppy! I wonder if she knew she was crazy…
    Someone else we knew was a lady who claimed she hated her dog and wanted it gone, well my mom offered to take it, and she refused.
    …Boggles the mind…

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