This Breed is *So Rare* There Are Countless Numbers In Shelters

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Ive raised this female pitbull since she was a month old. She has her first set of shots, she has a really beautiful coat and is sweet and loving. Shes not aggressive at all and is friendly around everyone she never tried to attack me or anyone. She is an outside/inside dog she loves to play and go out for walks and shes great around kids. It hurts to let her go and im going to miss her very much. But i work 24/7 so i never have time to play with her or take her out. Shes very active and has a lot of energy. A few times ive taken her out with me and everyone would stop and stare and ask me questions bout her cuz she is that beautiful with a beautiful built body. It was hard for me to find her since she is a rare breed. I’ve paid $140 just for her and the dog house itself was $70 not including the cost of her shots and all the other expenses. Im giving her away for much less than wat i have paid for this is a great deal. Im willing to sale the dog for $120 and im willing to throw in her dog home and all her toys i also have her leash and collar and the fence chain and her food/water bowl. If your interested or have any questions you can call me at 214 (redacted)

I’ve been thinking about importing one of these *rare* dogs, since I can’t seem to find them everywhere. I keep looking and looking… There aren’t thousands of Pit Bulls being euthanized in shelters every day because they’re overbred, no – Of course not! I really think this “Tiger Stripe” is a one-in-a-million and it’s so generous of her owner to “sale” her for $120 and throw in the “fence chain” too!  Oh…she may be overdue for that second set of vaccines, considering she’s 5 months old now…

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