The time to ask for advice would have been, oh, four dogs ago?

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There have been several burgleries and robberies where I live, my business was even burglerized, and now people are breaking into homes and killing older people. I have 4 tiny dogs and a older larger mutt that live with me, inside my home. I have tried to get a protective looking dog but the breeds I have chosen (all of which I love) have ended up being aggressive towards the littler dogs as they reach 6 mos – one year. I believe strongly in obediance training, full vet care, I have chosen dobies, shephards, pits (I know but some are great dogs) and finally a shar pei, but all show little dog aggression. I want to pick a dog that I feel safe with my little ones because all my dogs live inside. I have a farm with a fenced yard so activity is not a problem, its just the loss of temper. I have guns but the presence of a large dog is more effective.

Any breed suggestions? Yes, I love mutts but whether they grow up protective or grow up and lose it with the little ones is a question mark. I have a 7 yr old 85 lb mutt and he is a love bug all the way around but I want an effective looking dog.

If you write me wanting me to write back, please be kind enough to leave me your number as I do not want to give out my email in case there are people out there that are predators reading this and unfortunately, THERE ARE!!! Thank you

Tip: If you want a security system, purchase a home security system. If you want a pet, adopt a dog. Don’t mix the two. If all this poster’s dogs live inside, their appearance won’t be doing anything to deter criminals, anyway. Not to mention, what kind of schmuck gets a dog expressly to endanger it if armed robbers break in? You think if someone with a gun comes in your house and sees an aggressive dog they didn’t expect, they’re just going to shut the door again and leave? No, they’re going to shoot the dog.

Furthermore, if you’ve gone through at least four dogs (seven if you count the “dobies, shepards and pits” as at least two dogs each, since he used plurals) and couldn’t find one that gets along with your small dogs past the age of six months to a year, the problem isn’t the dogs. It’s the owner. If you get rid of dogs and adopt new ones more frequently than the Vikings traditionally bathed, you don’t need another dog.

4 Responses to “The time to ask for advice would have been, oh, four dogs ago?”

  1. May 27, 2010 at 9:10 am

    I find you to be snobby and annoying.

    “If you want a pet get a dog” – Stupid. You are aware that even today there are dogs around that actually have a purpose in life right? And that the reason we have guardian breed dogs around is that someone needed a dog to guard? There is nothing wrong with buying a dog to deter a burgalry. Sorry not everyone coddles their dogs.

  2. May 27, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    So it’s not about the dogs, its about the page views? Here another to hold you over.

    • May 27, 2010 at 6:01 pm

      It’s about the funny. Craigslist can be so soul-sucking that you want to either laugh or cry. Our little group decided to laugh and mock. Haters also make us laugh, especially when they keep stopping by and upping the blog’s pageview count to tell us how much they hate us. If you’re not making someone mad on your blog, you’re probably not doing it right.

      (That said, I checked out your blog, and good on ya for doing something with your dogs. Schutzhund isn’t my cup of tea–too many “macho” types–but I like seeing people who train and work their dogs.)

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