Let’s hope this isn’t meant literally!

Ad Text:

Arvid is an adorable black kitten with a tiny bit of white just below her chin. She is a master at playing with her mouse toy and making it spin in circles. She loves her two siblings and other cats and kittens, but especially she loves to be held and played with by people.

Arvid is currently living in a foster home with her siblings, Beck and Aren. If you would like to meet her, please email adopt@atailatatime.org.

Adoption fee includes spay neuter, fiv felv testing, vaccinations, microchip and an optional 30 days health insurance. Kittens must be adopted to a cat or dog household or with another cat or kitten. This is for socializing and safety reasons.

A 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that saves animals from the city’s kill shelters and the streets of NYC. Volunteers and fosters always needed.

Great ad overall, looks like a great organization, but DELICIOUS KITTEN?! Well it got my attention, anyway!

Haven’t censored the email address for this one because it’s a nonprofit and I encourage anyone who fell in love (and not because the kitten is advertised as tasting good…) to go adopt. Don’t send any nasty notes, please, this is probably just a volunteer experimenting with eye-catching ads… this one’s just a little eye-catching in a way that makes me hope this kitten isn’t going to have chefs lining up around the block to adopt.

Oh, and the kitten looks a little bit like Lindsay Lohan here, ifyagetmydrift… still cute, though:

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