Get a new pet sitter? That’s too disloyal. I’ll get rid of the dog instead.

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Shes 2yrs old and is great with my male cocker and the kids..she is CKC and not spayed..I need to rehome her because of my schedule..I have to take my dogs to a sitter and she doesnt want both of them…So since I have had my male longer I will be keeping him..She will come with her kennel, and her papers..she is utd on her shots as well…i can send pics if you like…rehoming fee of 150.00 obo

Your sitter can’t watch both of your dogs and your response is “Okay, I’ll get rid of one?” what is wrong with people? Is this some sort of crazy town where by law only one person can dogsit? Does the dogsitter have some sort of blackmail material on the owner?

Seriously though, what do you want to bet that the male isn’t neutered and the sitter’s objection was not to having to watch two dogs, but to the idea of having to sit for two unaltered dogs of opposite sexes at the same time. So instead of altering one or both, the owner is selling the female. Brilliant.

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