Sure sign of a good rat owner…

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Hello I am looking for some rats. Right now I have two but they are a male and a female, so I don’t want them living together. What I am looking for is a couple of both sexes because I know they are very social and I’d like to keep the boys and girls separate. I don’t want to pay a stupid ten dollar re-homing fee for each one, so if you can help me out please let me know

This one starts out really well; the flippant title (I don’t know anyone who loves their pets but refers to them as “extra” ) could even be forgiven as tongue-in-cheek, given that the poster is–praise be–aware that rats need same-sex companionship. That’s a hard one to convey to some rat owners.

Then my hope is dashed with “I don’t want to pay a stupid ten dollar re-homing fee for each one.” Yup, that’s a winner, right there. They want a pet, but they want it given to them–and the person giving it to them is supposed to believe that someone who balks at $10 won’t balk at the kind of veterinary bills aging rats regularly run up? They’re prone to tumors, degenerative joint disease, and a host of other expensive problems.

Who thinks this is just a cheap idiot, and who thinks it’s a mean-spirited snake owner trying to get free snake food? I’m giving it 50-50 either way.

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