Perhaps you haven’t thought this one through.

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hello my name is rick me and my fiance just moved out here and we are looking for a free puppy under 40 lbs we need something that will be allowed in an appatment and good with my 3 year old daughter we would love to have a pug mix or terrier mix but the breed is not a big issue for us we just want a little pet to love an take for walks. i do not have a vehicle so if you could drop him/her off that would be great to my number is 707-[redacted] i am available anytime if you would like to call

The request for a free puppy–delivery included–is bad enough, but check out the breed preferences. A “Pug mix” or a “terrier mix.” Pug mixed with what? And are they talking about a Yorkshire Terrier, Wheaten Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier? In fact, just about any terrier breed is a really lousy fit with a 3-year-old child unless the owners are “terrier people” who know just how to train and exercise a high energy dog that’s very reactive to sights and sounds. Pugs and terriers couldn’t possibly be more different.

I’m not even going to get into how someone who can’t afford to take a taxi to pick up a puppy and won’t pay an adoption or “rehoming” fee could possibly afford shots, neutering (oh, right, they just won’t spay or neuter, puppies are for selling on Craigslist!) or any emergency bills. Just… Pug or terrier, mixed with some random other dog? What? Did you just go on some dog photos website and pick out keywords that were attached to cute pictures? Actually, that’s probably exactly what they did, and that depresses me.

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