An offer you can refuse.

Ad Text:

I am looking for an African Grey Parrot, if anyone want to re-home his parrot I am willing to take it for $150-$200 with or without cage. I already have some birds in my house; so please contact me at 720-[redacted] if you are willing to re-home your parrot.
Thank you
Abdullah Arab

What a generous, gracious man. He’s willing to take your African Grey Parrot off your hands for 10% of what it costs to purchase one from a decent breeder. And he already has some birds in his house (what, did they just fly in and start nesting?) so you’re assured that not only will you be permitted to sell your bird (with or without cage!) cheaply to this man, you can also be certain that it won’t get his exclusive attention, nor will it be important enough for him to refer to it by name or species. It’ll be another “bird” that’s “in his house.”

There’s a way to offer your home to a bird in need. There’s also an appropriate way to convey that you’re looking to provide a good home, not pay breeder prices for a parrot. However, if you’re requesting the opportunity to provide a home to a very expensive exotic bird whose annual checkups and bloodwork will cost more than you’re willing to pay for the bird, you might consider offering something, anything that indicates you’re actually a decent owner, not a reseller. Say, the names and species of the birds you already own. The name of your vet. A little information about what you feed your birds and how much attention they get.

Oh, who am I kidding? This isn’t just a poorly written ad, this is either a reseller or someone who sees parrots with the intelligence of human toddlers as a convenient, exotic accessory that would go nicely with their sofa and impress the neighbors.

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