And now, for something completely irritating

This is a little snippet of WordPress’s list of search terms people used to find this blog. Notice how many of them have to do with wanting to give cats away? There are more, too, but I couldn’t fit them in one screen shot.

A few days ago we added a page on safely rehoming pets through Craigslist, something that should only be an option if everything else is exhausted and the only alternatives are high-kill shelters or putting the pet to sleep at its own vet’s office. I put that up because, despite that this blog is dedicated to mocking people who dump their furry family members on the first taker through ¬†Craigslist, people keep finding it while searching for ways to get rid of their pets. Particularly cats.

So, a cautionary word to those considering adopting a cat: Not all cats are low-maintenance and independent. Cat care may be inexpensive in the prime of life (or it may not be) but it will very likely be expensive in the senior years. Not all cats bond with their owners. Many cats have difficulties using the litterbox at one or another time in life. Spay and neuter your cats–even if they’re only cats and indoor-only. Intact sex organs are a powerful motivation to escape, roam, breed, and possibly be killed. Not all kittens are playful. Not all adult cats are mellow.

There are many, many, many people who have cats already and, for one reason or another, don’t want to keep them. Across the country and the world, shelters euthanize more unwanted cats than dogs and adopt out fewer of those they take in. Cats that wandered away from home are rarely claimed by their owners at shelters.

If you think you might someday become one of the people using a search engine to find information on how to give away your cat, please don’t get a cat. Foster a cat instead. There is a rescue near you that needs foster families desperately. It hurts to give them up, but it stops hurting when a new cat comes along needing you to save its life and help it find a forever home. You can share your home with a cat or several cats without making a lifetime commitment you may not be able to honor. Best of all, you’ll be saving lives.


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