Worst, most obvious puppy mill yet.

All of these ads were posted to Denver Craigslist within a few days of each other. Several were posted in a row on the same day.

In the interests of length and because the screenshots are all small and readable, I won’t transcribe the ad text, and there’s a jump in the middle of the list to read the rest.

More after the jump:

Notice some similarities? Yup, so do I. Cheap, eight to twelve week old puppies of a variety of breeds, with vague references to “appropriate” vet care and “rehoming fees” around $100.  Same writing style throughout, and same two locations in all but one ad.

Now, who exactly would have a diverse group of young, cheap puppies? Hmm, let me see…

  • A puppy mill, where dogs are used as baby factories and killed or discarded after they’re no longer “producing,” and where puppies are not socialized or trained appropriately, parents don’t receive genetic and other testing before breeding, parents are not trained or shown, and puppies are often kept in tiny kennels or other inappropriate environments, leading to lifelong health and behavior problems.
  • Alternately, a sleazy reseller who is picking up every free puppy s/he sees and relisting them for a few bucks.

But I’m leaning puppy mill–there are just too many 8-week-old puppies for this to be a sleazebag reseller, and there are multiple cases where there are multiple puppies from the same litter being offered in an ad.

This is why, even if things LOOK good (claims that the mother has been spayed in one ad, claims to have done vet work) you shouldn’t “adopt” a puppy from Craigslist unless the person “rehoming” it can provide you with documentation as to its origins, and/or documentation that the litter was either accidental or rescued and that both parents have been altered.

Sure, it’s easy to feel sorry for puppies like the Aussie below (the only photo in any of this mill breeder’s ads) and want to take them home. But every dollar in a puppy mill’s pocket goes right back to feeding their living puppy factories on the cheapest crap available, keeping them in unsanitary conditions, and churning out litters that go on to fill euthanasia lists at local shelters.

If someone is getting $80-$100 per puppy, even with a relatively large litter, that’s only a total of around $800-$1,000 per litter. That’s not even enough for one C-section at most vets, much less enough for every mother to get appropriate care and feeding during her pregnancy, for the owner to maintain a safe and sanitary facility, and for every pup to receive a checkup from a qualified veterinarian along with all recommended care. Chances are, the mill breeder is doing her own shots (or forging documentation and not vaccinating at all) and deworming with over the counter junk. If a puppy coming out of a situation like this lives a long and healthy life, it’s a miracle.

Don’t buy puppies without documentation proving they’re either a rescue, a genuine accidental litter with parents now altered, or from a truly responsible, reputable breeder who does all available health testing and competes adult dogs in conformation or performance prior to breeding. Period. If every puppy mill is stuck with hundreds of half-grown dogs nobody will buy, then presto, we’ll have no more puppy mills.

Poor Aussie, clearly living in a cage with at least one pup that’s from a different litter:

Caged Aussie pup


1 Response to “Worst, most obvious puppy mill yet.”

  1. August 24, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Sad. I don’t know how someone can treat living creatures this way and live with themselves..

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