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Worst, most obvious puppy mill yet.

All of these ads were posted to Denver Craigslist within a few days of each other. Several were posted in a row on the same day.

In the interests of length and because the screenshots are all small and readable, I won’t transcribe the ad text, and there’s a jump in the middle of the list to read the rest.

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Uncannily honest BYB is uncannily honest.

Ad Text:

male 13week old shar-pei akc eyes tacked needs new home soon due to his agr we do want rehoming fee just to make the money back on his eye surgery so the least we can take is 250$ call only if very intrested 303-[redacted]

This ad was ridiculous enough to bring me out of the Land of the Blog Hiatus (inhabited mostly by people with too much paying work to focus on a funny snarky blog) in order to comment on the (probably) unintentional honesty here.

Needs to find a new home soon due to his agr. Now, I suppose they might mean “aggression,” but in a 13-week-old pup? Nah. Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about the matter.

Oh, Adjusted Gross Revenue. That clears it right up. As in, this puppy needs to generate some, cause he ain’t making no adjusted gross revenoos sitting around the house going through puppy chow and needing things like vet care. Cause everybody knows when you make puppies, you’re not supposed to have to spend money on keeping them healthy!

So go on, somebody hurry up and buy this poor Shar Pei, Mama needs to save up for a new doublewide.

Shar Pei puppy held by BYB.


…and the chain they were dragged in on.

Ad Text:

I have 3 dogs that i have to get rid of. Im moving to apartment which dont alloe pets. I have 2 boys and one girl. They are good with kids. they were raised their hole life around them. They are yard dogs if you get them you can have the chain that they are on. They are brothers and sisters. If you are interested my phone number is 904-[redacted] no emails please thanks

Protip: Dogs “raised around kids” are raised underfoot, with kids hugging on them, kissing them, maybe reaching for their toys and food, giving treats, telling them to “sit,” and so on and so forth. Being chained in a yard where kids occasionally pass by isn’t “raised around kids,” it’s “abused in the vicinity of children.”

So, good job, Mom/Dad, whoever you are. Not only have you chained three dogs outdoors, where they’re exposed to weather, aggressive loose dogs, strangers teasing them, theft, and other miscellaneous abuse, you’ve taught your children that commitment to a furry family member means nothing more than sticking them in the yard to rot and then dumping them when you feel like moving.

But hey, at least the poster is willing to give their chain to the next abuser. God forbid whoever picks up these poor pups have to buy their own chain to continue the neglect.

Credit goes to Dogs Deserve Better on Facebook for pointing out this awful ad. If you think you might actually be able to save these dogs, you can find a link to the full ad with contact information on the Dogs Deserve Better page–at least, at the time of this posting, you still could.

Poor chained dogs:


Five People You Meet in Craigslist Pets, AKA Hell

With apologies to Mitch Albom, I’m breaking from the regular format for a moment to mention some of the worst tropes on Craigslist: Pets. I’ve looked all over the country for worstof ads to feature here, and there are some people who seem to live simultaneously in every city and neighborhood that has a Craigslist. How else do you explain seeing these five people in every Craigslist: Pets you visit?

5. The Backyard Breeder

Excruciatingly common and totally infuriating, the backyard breeder (BYB) infests every Craigslist with “non-shedding designer puppies” for a “small rehoming fee” that turns out to be at least $400 when someone calls. In BYB language, they’re “adorable puppies, rare breed, perfect companions, reasonable rehoming!” In normal parlance, they’re “hastily bred mutts, easily located in any shelter, poorly socialized, and will cost you the equivalent of six shelter adoption fees… and that’s before the vet work the breeder didn’t bother to do.”

Particularly aggravating are the BYBs who churn out Pit Bull puppies when most Pit Bulls in shelters are already put to sleep due to overpopulation. Does this BYB really think that the type of people who want a Pit puppy but can’t or won’t go to a shelter are going to provide good homes for her “make an offer” puppies?

4. Morons on the Move

I’ve been a renter my entire adult life. I’ve rented with over a dozen rats, multiple cats, foster dogs, foster kittens, hedgehogs, turtles, you name it. Yet, somehow these typical Craigslist: Pets morons couldn’t find an apartment that would allow the family pet. They’re also usually moving tomorrow and started looking for a new home for this pet today. So, the ad is titled something like “GERMAN SHEPHERD MUST GO TODAY!!!1!!11” while the ad text blabs about what a loyal, wonderful animal this is and how it’s a great sacrifice to let her go ONLY TO A GOOD HOME.

Yep, the animal probably is loyal and wonderful. Too bad it landed in the hands of someone who couldn’t handle paying a few more bucks for a pet-friendly apartment or at least starting to look for a home when they gave 30 days notice at the last place. This moron is getting rid of a dog that’s still lactating, just because he “might” be moving.

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Buy one byb puppy, get a few thousand worms free.

Ad Text:

male,11wks old current, on shots n wormer, pic of litter, mom n dad on site mom is boyles,crewnshaw,watchdog, dad is circle c n ruffin, best way 2 get me is txt 904-[redacted] or call 904-[redacted] rehoming fee or trade watca got

Either “current on… wormer” no longer means what I thought it meant, or there is something very seriously wrong with this puppy. Like, pregnant 11-week-old male puppy wrong. Or about to die of a horrifying case of megacolon wrong. Or, hey, it could be a Craigslist BYB lying again. Imagine that. See for yourself:


Let’s hope this isn’t meant literally!

Ad Text:

Arvid is an adorable black kitten with a tiny bit of white just below her chin. She is a master at playing with her mouse toy and making it spin in circles. She loves her two siblings and other cats and kittens, but especially she loves to be held and played with by people.

Arvid is currently living in a foster home with her siblings, Beck and Aren. If you would like to meet her, please email

Adoption fee includes spay neuter, fiv felv testing, vaccinations, microchip and an optional 30 days health insurance. Kittens must be adopted to a cat or dog household or with another cat or kitten. This is for socializing and safety reasons.

A 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that saves animals from the city’s kill shelters and the streets of NYC. Volunteers and fosters always needed.

Great ad overall, looks like a great organization, but DELICIOUS KITTEN?! Well it got my attention, anyway!

Haven’t censored the email address for this one because it’s a nonprofit and I encourage anyone who fell in love (and not because the kitten is advertised as tasting good…) to go adopt. Don’t send any nasty notes, please, this is probably just a volunteer experimenting with eye-catching ads… this one’s just a little eye-catching in a way that makes me hope this kitten isn’t going to have chefs lining up around the block to adopt.

Oh, and the kitten looks a little bit like Lindsay Lohan here, ifyagetmydrift… still cute, though:


Are we playing that three truths and a lie game? Because I think you put too many lies in.

Ad Text:

Kitten Needs a Good Home. It is found abandon. It is about 3? weeks old, gray white color medium thick fur coat. Cute, sweet, and smart. Very obedient, could follow simple commands like stay and sit. Its shampooed, no fleas, problem free. Not named yet. Using cat litter box, eating solid food. I will give extra food, litter box supply, and shampoo which I bought. It is FREE to a good home. I am at SW Houston, [redacted] area. This kitten would be a pleasure to any new owner.

There’s something just not right about this ad. Let’s see, could it be that cats don’t just automatically learn to obey commands? If your cat is sitting and staying on command, it’s probably either because you spent several weeks working with it using clicker training or because it was already staying/sitting when you told it to stay/sit.

Or is it that this kitten is more like three months old? Scammer or clueless? You decide.

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