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Worst, most obvious puppy mill yet.

All of these ads were posted to Denver Craigslist within a few days of each other. Several were posted in a row on the same day.

In the interests of length and because the screenshots are all small and readable, I won’t transcribe the ad text, and there’s a jump in the middle of the list to read the rest.

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Anybody want to buy a horse that will be unsound by the time he’s four? Bonus: Kill your kids!

Ad Text:


Wait, WTF? Let’s break this down.

The horse is two now. Most horses are born in the spring. Presuming the best of the owner, let’s say the colt probably turned two in March, the earliest that it’s really likely anything but a racing Thoroughbred was born. If he was trained but doesn’t get ridden anymore and now needs tuning up, that means he’s probably not been ridden in at least two months. And for even an idiot to consider him “trained,” not “started,” he’d probably need at least 60 days under saddle. So even thinking magnanimously, we’re looking at a horse who likely was ridden before he turned two.

For the non-equestrians in the audience, horses’ joints don’t mature fully until at least age four. You can start a horse at two if you absolutely must, preferably with a vet’s approval. Some racehorses are started as “long yearlings” (almost two) with a very light rider, and they aren’t expected to stay sound for more than at most a couple years of racing. But from that dished face (see below) this horse looks like he might be part Arabian–a breed that most experienced trainers won’t start under saddle until at least age three.

Bottom line: Not only is this an immature horse with very little training being advertised as a horse for children, but he’s also been ridden at such a young age that it’s likely he will not remain sound for riding for very long, if he’s even sound now. He also looks slightly underweight.

Congratulations, anonymous Craigslist poster. I’m sure that whoever eventually eats your horses’s flesh after he’s auctioned off to a kill buyer is very glad that someone (probably you) bred this poorly built horse, rode the poor thing as a yearling, and then you sold it to some poor sap who thought a two year old (probably intact) colt would be safe for their kids. I just hope that a child isn’t seriously injured or killed along the way.

Poor horse:


Honesty is the best policy, and this guy’s honestly horrible.

Ad Text:

I need to give away these pups. Ive been trying to sell them using craigslist, but no one wants to pay the price Im asking. I am a breeder, but I dont want to pay to buy and ad to sell them. They are getting to old, no one is gonna want to pay the high price I am asking anymore. So I am either giving them away free or taking them to the pound (wjere I will have to pay a fee to turn them in) so they can be adopted out for 50 bucks, which ensures shots, registration, and fix. 623-[redacted]

Wait, what am I supposed to snark about here? What can I say about this person that makes them look any worse than they’re admitting to being? I’ll give it the old college try, but I’m not sure it’s possible to mock someone who’s this frank about being a worthless, BYB jackass who is busy filling shelters’ euthanasia lists with more unwanted Pit Bulls.

What if this person’s Pit bitch had required a c-section or other emergency care? That would cost a little more than an ad in the paper–which, of course, is just another BYB tactic. Responsible breeders don’t need to advertise; they have a house or kennel full of walking advertisements, which they display at shows and/or performance events. Maybe they buy an ad in a breed-specific newsletter or on a show’s class list, but the newspaper classifieds are BYBs all the way down. But back to the pet who produced these puppies: Of course, he’d just have let her die. And he’d probably have posted any surviving puppies on Craigslist with some blab about “dog died giving birth, don’t have time to bottle feed, anyone want them?” and they’d get fed to some sicko’s Boa Constrictor.

It’s amazing to me how people can go through life so completely immune to the idea that, just maybe, they did something stupid. I’m a forgiving person. I wouldn’t have posted this person here if the ad had said “I was stupid enough to think I could make easy money breeding dogs; now I’m stuck with a bunch of puppies that I realize nobody wants. If you can give one of them a good home I’d be eternally grateful. The mother has been spayed.” A mistake that could cost dogs’ lives is a big mistake, but it’s still forgivable if the person who makes it truly understands what they’ve done wrong.

But this guy/gal? Nope. I bet they’ll have another litter within the season.

Poor pups:


…and the chain they were dragged in on.

Ad Text:

I have 3 dogs that i have to get rid of. Im moving to apartment which dont alloe pets. I have 2 boys and one girl. They are good with kids. they were raised their hole life around them. They are yard dogs if you get them you can have the chain that they are on. They are brothers and sisters. If you are interested my phone number is 904-[redacted] no emails please thanks

Protip: Dogs “raised around kids” are raised underfoot, with kids hugging on them, kissing them, maybe reaching for their toys and food, giving treats, telling them to “sit,” and so on and so forth. Being chained in a yard where kids occasionally pass by isn’t “raised around kids,” it’s “abused in the vicinity of children.”

So, good job, Mom/Dad, whoever you are. Not only have you chained three dogs outdoors, where they’re exposed to weather, aggressive loose dogs, strangers teasing them, theft, and other miscellaneous abuse, you’ve taught your children that commitment to a furry family member means nothing more than sticking them in the yard to rot and then dumping them when you feel like moving.

But hey, at least the poster is willing to give their chain to the next abuser. God forbid whoever picks up these poor pups have to buy their own chain to continue the neglect.

Credit goes to Dogs Deserve Better on Facebook for pointing out this awful ad. If you think you might actually be able to save these dogs, you can find a link to the full ad with contact information on the Dogs Deserve Better page–at least, at the time of this posting, you still could.

Poor chained dogs:


One of the world’s worst horse owners and Craigslisters, exposed.

We don’t usually repost links from other blogs, but upon the blogger’s express invitation, I’m inviting all our readers (yes, all four of you!) to view Worst of CL Horse Ads’ post about a really awful, terrible, no good horse owner and dealer.

If you are anywhere near Alberion, Michigan and have horse experience and a little room on your farm, perhaps you can save one of these horses. They’re not quality animals and probably not sound behaviorally or physically, but the mare deserves better than a coin flip between dying of the rotting fetus in her uterus or dying in a slaughterhouse. And the stallion deserves a chance to be a very nice gelding.


Buy one byb puppy, get a few thousand worms free.

Ad Text:

male,11wks old current, on shots n wormer, pic of litter, mom n dad on site mom is boyles,crewnshaw,watchdog, dad is circle c n ruffin, best way 2 get me is txt 904-[redacted] or call 904-[redacted] rehoming fee or trade watca got

Either “current on… wormer” no longer means what I thought it meant, or there is something very seriously wrong with this puppy. Like, pregnant 11-week-old male puppy wrong. Or about to die of a horrifying case of megacolon wrong. Or, hey, it could be a Craigslist BYB lying again. Imagine that. See for yourself:


I never abuse my cat, except when I do.

Ad Text:

I am writing because I have a cat that, even though she is fine with me, most of the time, I have found her to be incorrigible. Her name is Mustafa. I want to try to find a new home for her because I don’t want her to be put down.

I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks and I have never been abusive or neglectful of her, and she has always had oral fixations with licking and biting. She has bitten more than one of my friends (not playful bites), and becomes “pet cemetery” angry with certain triggers (other cats or animals larger than her) and attacks anyone, including myself. By grabbing her scruff and holding her down, I am able to control her when she gets out of hand. In addition, she is incredibly vocal and will, literally scream, for long stretches, wanting to go outside or have attention. I often use a spray bottle, but it does not always make a difference. She is also a polydactyl, which means that she has a extra toes on her paws. She is incredibly cute.

I’ve determined that I need to either let her go to someone else, or allow her to be put down, which would make me very sad. I don’t know what would be for the best considering my decision to let her go. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have another cat who can find love in their heart for mine?

First of all, I sympathize–just a little bit–with this owner. It sucks when someone who is unequipped to handle aggression winds up with an animal prone to that behavior.

However, all three authors of this blog are pet lovers who have either currently or in the past operated a business that involves addressing behavior problems, including aggression. You know what a good owner does when they realize that the status quo is unsustainable and they can’t fix their animal? They call someone who can–an Animal Behaviorist, veterinary behaviorist, or a highly recommended trainer specializing in the behavior that animal is exhibiting. Then they spend the money and time it takes to fix the problem.

Let’s play long-distance diagnostician. This cat…

  • Was separated from its litter at six weeks of age–much too early for an ideal grounding in appropriate cat behavior toward either humans or other cats. Never adopt a cat or dog under eight weeks of age. Nine weeks is better. They need to tussle with their siblings and discover bite inhibition.
  • Has an oral fixation, indicating early weaning, possibly even before six weeks.
  • Has been repeatedly scruffed (painful and dangerous for an adult cat) and held down when already displaying severely reactive behaviors. Inflicting pain on a reactive animal makes it more reactive, not less.
  • Gets water squirted at her when she vocalizes. Using aversives to address a pet’s vocalization is likely to make the problem worse and make the pet more prone to anxiety and, yes, aggression. Additionally, persistent yowling often indicates an underlying health problem in cats.
  • Has not been evaluated by a qualified professional prior to her owners decision to either get rid of her or have her killed.
  • Has probably not seen a veterinarian to rule out any of the dozens of health problems that can cause aggression.

I could go on, but you get the picture. This “incorrigible” cat is suffering from a blame-deflecting, defeatist owner who refuses to acknowledge his or her own role in the cat’s behavioral problems.

Here’s a tip: If you have an animal from weaning throughout its life and it develops a serious behavioral problem, nine times out of ten the underlying problem is either a medical condition or you. There’s no shame in having been an uneducated owner, if you take the correct steps to help your pet when a behavior problem appears. There is, on the other hand, a great deal of shame in assuming that a pet you’ve had since the age of six weeks is just “made wrong” and failing to even summon professional help before pawning it off on someone else or putting it to sleep.

“Cantankerous” and “incorrigible” are cute words, but they don’t describe this cat. “Suffering” and “from the owner’s incompetence” do.

Poor kitty:

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