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Obvious reseller is obvious, and somewhat honest.

Ad Text:

Im looking for puppies. I want to give my roommates the puppies they want.

Boxer female
Chihuahua (chocolate)
Pekinease female
Tcup yorkie

or just offer puppies

$100 or less please and thank you.
(willing to pay more for certain ones.)

Which is more likely: Someone has five roommates and for no reason wants to give each of them a purebred puppy of a frequently resold-for-big-bucks breed, or this is a reseller picking up pups for under $100 and relisting them for $500+ on Craigslist? Probably a master of the sob story, too–“My kid has allergies, must rehome 12-week-old Yorkie.”

This is why you don’t buy purebred puppies through Craigslist unless the seller can put you in touch with the reliable, reputable breeder who sold the puppy initially, and that breeder confirms that they are willing to approve you as the puppy’s new owner, waiving their contractual right to take the puppy back if it doesn’t work out in its initial home–and if there’s no such contractual right, it’s a BYB or puppy mill puppy. No good breeder sells puppies without the right to take them back if things go pear-shaped in the new home.

At least this scumbag is somewhat honest, though. I’ve left part of his email address un-anonymized. Take a look…


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