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Worst, most obvious puppy mill yet.

All of these ads were posted to Denver Craigslist within a few days of each other. Several were posted in a row on the same day.

In the interests of length and because the screenshots are all small and readable, I won’t transcribe the ad text, and there’s a jump in the middle of the list to read the rest.

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Five People You Meet in Craigslist Pets, AKA Hell

With apologies to Mitch Albom, I’m breaking from the regular format for a moment to mention some of the worst tropes on Craigslist: Pets. I’ve looked all over the country for worstof ads to feature here, and there are some people who seem to live simultaneously in every city and neighborhood that has a Craigslist. How else do you explain seeing these five people in every Craigslist: Pets you visit?

5. The Backyard Breeder

Excruciatingly common and totally infuriating, the backyard breeder (BYB) infests every Craigslist with “non-shedding designer puppies” for a “small rehoming fee” that turns out to be at least $400 when someone calls. In BYB language, they’re “adorable puppies, rare breed, perfect companions, reasonable rehoming!” In normal parlance, they’re “hastily bred mutts, easily located in any shelter, poorly socialized, and will cost you the equivalent of six shelter adoption fees… and that’s before the vet work the breeder didn’t bother to do.”

Particularly aggravating are the BYBs who churn out Pit Bull puppies when most Pit Bulls in shelters are already put to sleep due to overpopulation. Does this BYB really think that the type of people who want a Pit puppy but can’t or won’t go to a shelter are going to provide good homes for her “make an offer” puppies?

4. Morons on the Move

I’ve been a renter my entire adult life. I’ve rented with over a dozen rats, multiple cats, foster dogs, foster kittens, hedgehogs, turtles, you name it. Yet, somehow these typical Craigslist: Pets morons couldn’t find an apartment that would allow the family pet. They’re also usually moving tomorrow and started looking for a new home for this pet today. So, the ad is titled something like “GERMAN SHEPHERD MUST GO TODAY!!!1!!11” while the ad text blabs about what a loyal, wonderful animal this is and how it’s a great sacrifice to let her go ONLY TO A GOOD HOME.

Yep, the animal probably is loyal and wonderful. Too bad it landed in the hands of someone who couldn’t handle paying a few more bucks for a pet-friendly apartment or at least starting to look for a home when they gave 30 days notice at the last place. This moron is getting rid of a dog that’s still lactating, just because he “might” be moving.

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Obvious reseller is obvious, and somewhat honest.

Ad Text:

Im looking for puppies. I want to give my roommates the puppies they want.

Boxer female
Chihuahua (chocolate)
Pekinease female
Tcup yorkie

or just offer puppies

$100 or less please and thank you.
(willing to pay more for certain ones.)

Which is more likely: Someone has five roommates and for no reason wants to give each of them a purebred puppy of a frequently resold-for-big-bucks breed, or this is a reseller picking up pups for under $100 and relisting them for $500+ on Craigslist? Probably a master of the sob story, too–“My kid has allergies, must rehome 12-week-old Yorkie.”

This is why you don’t buy purebred puppies through Craigslist unless the seller can put you in touch with the reliable, reputable breeder who sold the puppy initially, and that breeder confirms that they are willing to approve you as the puppy’s new owner, waiving their contractual right to take the puppy back if it doesn’t work out in its initial home–and if there’s no such contractual right, it’s a BYB or puppy mill puppy. No good breeder sells puppies without the right to take them back if things go pear-shaped in the new home.

At least this scumbag is somewhat honest, though. I’ve left part of his email address un-anonymized. Take a look…


In with the new, out with the… new.

Ad Text:

i have a 2 month old boxer/pit puppy i was getting rid of her because i was getting a new dog and i cant keep her she is a very sweet puppy and good with kids there will be a re homing fee of 50 if interested email me at [redacted] or call/text me at 865 [redacted]

This is a two month old puppy. At most, this person has had her for three weeks–and that’s if the original seller was a complete idiot. If they weren’t, the poster has had her for maybe a few days.

You just got an eight week old puppy and you’re already tired of her and on to the next pet? Either I hate you with the fiery passion of 1,000 suns for having the attention span of a fruit fly when it comes to what should be a lifetime commitment, or I hate you with the fiery passion of 1,000 suns for being a lying reseller who picked this puppy up for free yesterday and plucked out one of your standard “rehoming” excuses from a hat for this post.

Poor pup:

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